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Imagine what your life would be like if you didn’t owe anyone anything. You have zero debt, and it’s the beginning of a brand-new life!Mental Wealth: 5 Healthy Principles to Win with Money is the guide to help you achieve that level of freedom. It’s the plan that will show you how to win with money and improve your mental health by focusing on 5 key areas that make up your financial journey. These 5 Healthy Principles include: Finding your Purpose, Planning to hit your goals, Surrounding yourself with the People that are going to support you, Practicing Persistence, and Being mindful of Prayer 


This book is for anyone who has struggled with money throughout their life. It’s for individuals that need help finding their way out from years of bad spending habits. It’s for those looking to overcome debt, and for those eager to learn how successfully manage money to build generational wealth. Mental Wealth will show you the way and help turn your mindset into your greatest asset when it comes to winning with money.

Signed Copy of Mental Wealth Book

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