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I am Certified Financial Educator and Author of Mental Wealth. I believe financial success starts in the mind. Your mindset towards money will shape every decision you make. I have dedicated my life to helping others understand what mindset they need to win with money and build true wealth.”

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Mental Wealth

Imagine what your life would be like if you didn’t owe anyone anything. You have zero debt, and it’s the beginning of a brand-new life!

Mental Wealth: 5 Healthy Principles to Win with Money is the guide to help you achieve that level of freedom. It’s the plan that will show you how to win with money and improve your mental health by focusing on 5 key areas that make up your financial journey. These 5 Healthy Principles include:

New Book

Black Boy Smile

Black Boy Smile is a Pre-K to 1st grade book by choice, but the message is for all ages. I wrote this book to encourage my son to always smile despite tough times in life. Inspired by the civil unrest in 2020, I felt like my son needed some positive things to hear. Black Boy Smile is all about encouraging and reminding young boys who they are. 


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